Consulting Solutions

  • InfoSec Program Development

    The Information Security Program Development solutions take into account the people, the processes and technology aspects of your business so that your company/organization is hacker-resilient. A comprehensive approach is taken and threats to networks, systems and software are identified. Suitable processes and technologies to mitigate risk arising from those identified threats are recommended. At the end of the engagement, you would have a plan in place to enhance your security and control your risks.

  • Security Development Lifecycle Services

    Our Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) consulting solutions includes building security into the software development life cycle. Typical engagement activities include misuse/abuse case modeling, threat modeling of applications, risk modeling, security architecture & design reviews, code reviews, application security testing, configuration management and post deployment assurance testing services. Applicable frameworks such as OWASP, STRIDE/DREAD, etc. are leveraged to develop application security solutions that are designed to fit your business need(s), while helping you to build hacker-resilient applications/software.

  • Security Maturity Gap Analysis

    This engagement is predominantly advisory in nature. Consultants review existing processes, tools and people know-how to determine the current state of security maturity and recommend solutions to improve your security maturity level. Frameworks such as the Capability Maturity Model adapted to security are used. At the end of this engagement, not only will you know your current security posture, but also you will have a plan in place to improve it.

  • Penetration Testing Services

    Our Penetration Testing are primarily focused of application security testing with attestation of security controls in the network and host (system) layer as well. Blackbox, whitebox and greybox testing is conducted as required. Pentesting services can be provided both onsite and well as remotely. At the end of the engagement, not only are you provided with a technical list of security weaknesses but also recommendations on how to fix these loopholes and insight into the business risk arising from these weakness, if left unaddressed.

  • Vendors / Tools Evaluation Services

    If you need someone to help assist you in your procurement decisions, our consultants can help with evaluation vendors and their tools from the RFP (Request for Proposal) stage to Procurement and Deployment. We can also provide assistance in developing the language for a request for proposal (RFP) or request for quote (RFP) pertaining to information security. In our assessment, we keep your business foremost in mind and then can help in negotiations as well. We ensure that the products are easily deployable in your environment, operational effective, easy to manage and easy to sustain. Upon successful evaluation, appropriate recommendations are made that can assist in the purchasing decision.

  • Governance & Compliance Services

    We will work closely with your internal policy and governance teams to evaluate the policies and standards which are in effect and which need to be implemented. The scope of the policies and standards (global, local, department specific etc) will be assessed. We assist organizations/companies that lack robust information security policies and standards by developing them, and establishing an “ever-green” process to keep them current. Our goal is to take the PAIN out of compliance. We will work with your team to identify the compliance requirements (e.g, SOX, GLBA, PCI DSS, TAC 202) you need to comply with and help you with compliance.


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